These river-going sailboats were common in Egypt in the days of the monarchy (1920s-40s) when aristocrats and sophisticated travelers loved to cruise the Nile in style. They rented the boats for weeks at a time, and made their way from temple to temple enjoying the river breeze. The boats had four to ten cabins, bathrooms and a host of servants. The dahabiyya's were popular amongst those who wished to enjoy Egypt at a leisurely pace, to drink in the landscapes, and peruse the monuments and villages on the riverbanks.

We've revived those elegant days, but with modern comforts and conveniences. We're proud to offer the discriminating traveler six air-conditioned dahabiyyat: El Bey (The Lord), El Hanem (The Lady), Zahra (Flower), Nesma (Breeze), Amber and Musk each measuring 38 m x 6 m.

Many visitors come to Egypt expressly to fulfill their dream of sailing the Nile. Most of them have been obliged to do this on large, fast-moving cruise boats. Our dahabiyyat allow you to experience the Nile 's romance in an intimate, privileged setting. Relying on the soft river currents, our dahabiyyat take you back in time to a gentler, more gracious era.

The Nile has inspired poets, painters and writers with good reason. Without it, Egypt, a desert country, would simply not exist. Egypt illustrates humanity's dependence on precious water and land resources like no other place on earth. The ancients struck the right balance, and in doing so created a great, enduring civilization. People come here to admire some of humanity's greatest achievements, but they are rivaled by the beauty of their settings. Our dahabiyya's allow you to explore this natural dimension in unforgettable ways.
[The Dahabiyyat] Your ship will moor on privately owned portions of the riverbank at Luxor and Aswan, where luxuriant gardens are frequented by rare exotic birds. These gardens provide our ships with flowers and organically grown vegetables and herbs. Along the way, we moor beside isolated Nile islands, whose virgin landscapes have hardly changed throughout millennia. Wandering the gardens and Nile islands is an idyllic pastime, and the perfect compliment to your visits to Egypt 's matchless monuments.

The dahabiyyas are beautifully crafted wooden ships, outfitted in colonial style with oriental and Egyptian touches. The interiors boast period furnishing, and each cabin has its own decorative atmosphere. Each boat has six delightful cabins measuring 5.75 m x 2.50 m. The cabins (maximum occupancy two persons) have private bathrooms of 1.25 m x 2.50 m with a wc, wash basin, shower and hairdryer. Some cabins offer two single beds and others have a double. Each dahabiyya comfortably accommodates twelve passengers.

[naguib mahfouz] We've personalized the cabins on our dahabiyyas, and named them in keeping with the ship's theme. For example, on the Zahra ('flower') you will find the 'white lotus' cabin; on the Nesma ('breeze') you have 'the zephyr', each with tasteful, individualized embellishments.

The cabins are located towards the front of the boat on the starboard and port sides, separated by a central corridor. The communal lounge covers the width of the boat, and is a lovely setting for enjoying meals.

Engines will only be used if wind is insufficient to sail, but generators are available to provide electricity.

From the bow, two staircases lead to the partially shaded top deck. Here, guests can sunbathe or just enjoy the ride and spectacular views from comfortable rattan deck chairs, or in oriental seating areas of colorful cushions and carpets. Meals will also be served on the top deck, a great place for cocktails and stargazing.

Our onboard chef is expert at preparing wholesome, appetizing Egyptian and international cuisines, while barbeques and picnics will be organized on the riverbanks and islands in the Nile. Your meals (starting with lunch at embarkation and ending with breakfast at disembarkation) are all inclusive, along with tea, coffee and soft drinks as well as a daily high tea. Passengers are, however, invited to bring their own alcoholic beverages - none are available onboard due to licensing restrictions - but we'll supply the ice and the mixers at no additional charge.

The program starts every Saturday in either Luxor or Aswan, and the journey lasts seven nights.

The trip includes visits to sites in ancient Thebes (the Valley's of the Kings and Queens), the Luxor and Karnak temples, as well as Edfu, Kom Ombo and Philae. Entrance fees for the monuments are all inclusive.

In addition to these historical sites, guests will visit less frequented monuments and enjoy field excursions to villages and open countryside.  In short, we promise our guests a unique, tranquil journey on sailboats fit for a king!